*By-Law PSB 2020-01 is effective March 1st, 2020.*

The Norfolk County Police Services Board By-Law PSB 2020-01 or the False Alarm Reduction By-Law establishes a user fee for false alarm incidents responded to by the Norfolk Ontario Provincial Police, thus allowing professional police officers to focus on prime issues of crime prevention and law enforcement.

The By-Law was updated in January 2020 removing the registration process and revising the fee. The escalating fee and first incident warning were removed. A new flat fee of $200 per incident has been implemented.

With this update, The Norfolk County Police Services Board has also adopted an Alarm Response Policy to provide alarm owners guidelines on best practices in maintaining, operating and verifying alarms.

Users will have the option of appealing the determination of a false alarm to the Norfolk County Police Services Board. The form will be linked below.

For more background on this update, see Norfolk County Staff Report CS 2020-03 regarding the False Security Alarm Reduction By-Law.

For questions or inquiries about the By-Law, please contact the Divisional Coordinator at 519-426-5870 or 226-NORFOLK ext. 1226.


By-Law PSB 2020-01 – False Alarm Reduction By-Law
Being a By-Law to Impose Fees for Services Provided By The Ontario Provincial Police, Norfolk County Detachment On Behalf Of The Corporation Of Norfolk County Police Services Board Relating To Reduction Of False Security Alarms.

Policy NCPSB-01: Alarm Response Policy

Staff Report CS 2020-03 
Re: False Security Alarm Reduction By-Law