Norfolk County recognizes the importance of community special events and has provided street-wide banner poles to be used for promotion of an event.

Banner Locations

  • Norfolk St. at Union St., Simcoe
  • Main Street, Waterford
  • Future Norfolk County locations to be determined

Banner Specifications

  • Banners must be constructed from one of the following:
    • Poly Nylon Net Material, edged with a nylon border and D ring hardware or
    • Vinyl coated nylon material 18 oz. (510 gram) minimum and D ring hardware. Must have sufficient holes to minimize wind resistance (at least one per square metre).
  • Banner size shall not exceed 1m height x 10m width
  • Banners must have grommets (5/8″ diameter) in all four corners, plus a 5/8″ diameter grommet every 12″ along the top. Maximum 1″ from edge of banner to centre of grommet. (Reinforced corners recommended.)
  • Banner production is the total responsibility of the applying organization and must comply with Banner Specifications.
  • Banner harness and connections will be provided by Norfolk County.

Banner Duration

Reservations are for a duration of two weeks. Requests for extended time will be subject to approval by Norfolk County.

Banner Installation

Banner must be received 1 week prior to the installation date at the office of the designated installation contractor and must be picked up within 10 days of being taken down. Banners not picked up within 10 days will be returned at the owner’s expense.

If at the time of installation, the banner is found to be non-compliant, it will not be installed and the charge will still apply.

Banner Storage

The organization is responsible for storage of the banner.


The County is not responsible for any damage to banners, however caused.

Message Guidelines

The following guidelines will be used to determine message eligibility. Norfolk County has the right to refuse any message or applicant.

  • The message must support or promote a non-profit organization that meets one of the following:
    • Is directed by volunteers, committees, or boards.
    • Provides services in the areas of recreation, arts and culture, environmental and other activities that support purposes beneficial to the community.
    • Provides programs, events or services to a large number of children, youth, seniors or volunteers.
  • Not more than twenty percent (20%) of the banner is to be used for corporate sponsorship.
  • The message must be within the confines of good taste.
  • Messages of a religious or political nature will not be eligible.
  • When Banners are located within or in close proximity to a Downtown Business Area, the Banner must respect the mandate of that area as a place to conduct business. The purpose of the Banner is not to direct people to other community business areas.


The Organization must supply proof of liability insurance with minimum coverage in the amount of two (2) million dollars and must name the Corporation of Norfolk County as additional insured.

Application Form Information

Groups and organizations wishing to promote an event using street-wide banners must submit an application form at least 12 weeks prior to the event date.  County events must be submitted at least 8 weeks in advance.

Once an application is approved, Norfolk County will make all further scheduling and installation arrangements directly with the installation contractor specified by the County.

A completed Application Form accompanied by the fee must be submitted to:

Norfolk County
County Administration Building
c/o Administrative Coordinator
50 Colborne St., S.,
Simcoe, ON N3Y 4N5

NOTE: All groups and organizations must submit an application on a yearly basis after January 1st to secure specific dates and locations. Norfolk County assumes no responsibility for the annual renewal of applications


The street-wide banner pole rental fee is $ 557.00 + HST per installation, per location (includes installation/removal, maximum 2-week period) and must accompany the application.  Cheques are made payable to Norfolk County.  Refunds are subject to a non-refundable administration fee.