If you require an accessible format or communication support, please contact poa@norfolkcounty.ca or call 519-426-5870 ext. 2506.

Remote Audio Court Appearance

At this time all appearances will be by audio ONLY. Courts are currently closed for all in-person appearances. Notices will be mailed to defendants advising of the remote audio appearance and conference call details.

If you have received notice of an audio court appearance and will be unable to connect (e.g., if you do not have the appropriate technology or would like to request an accessible format or communication support), please contact poa@norfolkcounty.ca or call 519-426-5870 ext. 2506.

Instructions for Joining Remote Audio Court Appearance

To call in for a court matter:

–       Call 226-400-9777 or 437-703-4466

–       When prompted enter the Conference ID 863 646 997#

Please be patient as you may be on hold prior to being connected to the conference call.

To ensure participation in remote hearings is as effective as possible, participants should follow these guidelines. The directions of the presiding judicial official should always be followed.

  1. No recording/photographs/live streaming. It is an offence under section 136 of the Courts of Justice Act, and may constitute contempt of court, to record, photograph, publish or broadcast court proceedings without express permission of the presiding judicial official.
  2. Identify yourself. 
  3. Wait for your case to be called. The Court may have multiple cases scheduled. Please be patient and wait until the Court is ready to address your case.
  4. Mute your microphone. Until your case is addressed by the court, mute your microphone. This will minimize background noise.
  5. Identify yourself when speaking. It is important that the Court knows the identity of all participants. State your name before you speak. Please speak clearly and slowly. Remember to unmute before speaking.
  6. Getting disconnected from the hearing. If you lose the connection to the hearing, you should immediately try to rejoin the hearing.