Norfolk County is undertaking a Secondary Plan to provide a clear and detailed planning framework for Port Dover’s waterfront, downtown and future residential development within the urban boundary.

The Secondary Plan will be used to guide municipal stewardship of the lake and river and natural heritage areas, create a vision for downtown and evaluate the appropriateness of development applications.

Port Dover pier and lighthouseNorfolk County Council’s vision for the Port Dover Secondary Plan is to transform Port Dover into a world-class tourist destination with a thriving economy, vibrant community spirit and protected natural heritage system.

The Secondary Plan will provide the mechanisms to enhance the beauty of its waterfront, the place-making tools to spark the unique character of the small town, and the policies to protect the long-term financial and ecological health of the area.

Norfolk County has retained The Planning Partnership: planners, landscape architects and urban designers. Their team is supported with specialists in natural heritage, transportation and municipal servicing.

The plan will be completed over the next year in three phases.

Phase 1: Opportunities and Constraints

The team will understand issues, opportunities for change and identify key directions to consider the waterfront, downtown and residential neighbourhoods.

Project Plan

Phase 2: Concepts

The team will work with the community to develop concepts for the waterfront, downtown and residential neighbourhoods to inform design guidelines, plan policies and frameworks.

Secondary Plan map

Information from the October 29, 2020 Workshops

Downtown workshop
Information package (PDF)

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Waterfront workshop
Information package  (PDF)

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Future residential areas workshop
Information package (PDF)

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Phase 3: Secondary Plan

The team will prepare the draft and final Secondary Plan and design guidelines

Upcoming Public Meeting – October 6, 2021:

Time: 3 p.m.
Location: Virtual

Click here to provide your feedback on the Draft Port Dover Secondary Plan, you may attend a Public Meeting on October 6th, 2021, or provide written comments directly to staff. The statutory public meeting will be held virtually due to COVID-19 protocols.

The deadline to register is 12:00 pm on October 6th, 2021.

Staff Public Hearing Report – CD 21-102 – OPNPL2020104 – Port Dover Secondary Plan

Draft 2, September 2021

Background Report July 2020


Draft One July 2021:

Draft Port Dover Secondary Plan

Draft Urban Design Guidelines

Draft Urban Guidelines Urban Forestry Guidelines

Information from the July 2021 Online Discussions


July 12, River and Lakefront Workshop

Information package (PDF)

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July 12, Downtown workshop

Information package (PDF)

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July 15, Natural Features

Information package (PDF)

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July 15, Residential Neighbourhoods

Information package (PDF)

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Port Dover Secondary Plan

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