Norfolk County and its future growth are dependent upon a long-term strategy and action on water supply infrastructure.

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Please note: This page is updated quarterly.
Information current as of November 4, 2022.



Long Term Water Supply Decision

one hundred per cent icon Complete


Key Accomplishments

  • Reports Fall/Q4 2020, Budget 2021, February 2021 and June 2021. Decision on long-term solution as per June 2021 report/resolution. Program Status update and restructure provided to Council on April 12, 2022.
  • Funding strategy and water rates update study initiated in September 2022. IUWS overview presentation to MP,MPP on Oct 11, 2022 to ask for funding support through federal and provincial opportunities. 2023 adjustements of scope and budget needs.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • On-going follow-up on grants/funding opportunities. On-going budget and status updates to SLT and Council.



Water Supply Agreement(s)

seventy five per cent icon On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Meetings conducted with Haldimand County. Negotiation and parameters of agreement approved by Council on June 21, 2022. Water rates update study in progress.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Final sign off to follow pending water rates update by Norfolk. Negotiations and Schedule B (design and construction plan) to follow in November 2022.


Short-term/interim Options

twenty five per cent icon On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Immediate solution for Port Dover WTP approved June 2021 and phase 1 upgrade completed.
  • Solution for increased capacity via new well for Simcoe endorsed June 2021 and Class EA underway.
  • Port Rowan WTP upgrade in design stage.

Next Milestones

  • Port Dover Upgrades Phase 2 prequalification and tender award Q4 2022.
  • Port Rowan Preliminary Design completion in Q4 2022.
  • NE Well connection Class EA completion and RFP for engineering In Q4 2022



Initiate Studies / Designs for Priority Infrastructure

On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Phase 1 Simcoe-Townsend initiated in May 2022 and Class EA PIC#1 held on August 4, 2022.


Next Milestones

  • Phase 1- Land purchase for Simcoe-Townsend Booster Station Q4 2022; PIC#2 scheduled No 8, 2022. Phase 2- FP development for Nanticoke-Port Dover-Simcoe started with award Q1 2023.



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