Norfolk County and its future growth are dependent upon a long-term strategy and action on water supply infrastructure.

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Please note: This page is updated quarterly.
Information current as of February 28, 2022.



Long Term Water Supply Decision

one hundred per cent icon Complete


Key Accomplishments

  • New Project Director Onboarderd January 24, 2022.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Complete.



Water Supply Agreement(s)

seventy five per cent icon On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Meetings conducted with Haldimand County


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Negotiation and parameters of agreement



Short-term/interim Options

fifty per cent icon On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Immediate solution for Port Dover approved June 2021.
  • Port Dover expansion project (phase 1&2 Upgrades) in construction phase with ETC Dec 2022.
  • Solution for increased capacity via new well for Simcoe endorsed June 2021 and project underway Class EA. NW Wells re-rated capacity study complete.


Next Milestones

  • Dependent upon water supply agreement.



Initiate Studies / Designs for Priority Infrastructure

twenty five per cent icon On Track


Key Accomplishments

  • Procurement for engineering services initiated.
  • Program Structure and Priorities updated.
  • Budget and Status Update to be provided to Council in March 2022.


Next Milestones

  • Subject to agreement, initiate designs for inter-urban system.