Norfolk County and its future growth are dependent upon a long-term strategy on facility infrastructure.

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Information current as of February 28, 2022.



Museum Sustainability Study

seventy five per cent icon Delayed


Key Accomplishments

  • Consultant report prepared.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Posting report publicly for information, additional feedback and incorporating to the Corporate Facility Review.



Recreation Facilities Strategy Review

zero per cent icon Delayed


Key Accomplishments

  • Project “roadmap” report prepared with project outline and delivered to Council June 2021.


Next Milestones

  • Undertaking Corporate Facility Review which will inform next steps on Recreation Strategy / Master Plan updates.




Corporate Facility Review (Ph. 3)

zero per cent icon Project Pending


Key Accomplishments

  • Initial compilation of all facility types and start-up meeting.


Next Milestones

  • Formal project to be initiated in 2022. Report pending.