Norfolk County and its future growth rely on strategies to improve its downtowns.

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Information current as of November 4, 2022.



Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

one hundred per cent icon Complete


Key Accomplishments

  • Consultant retained as Project Lead. Community needs assessment and stakeholder engagement complete.
  • Draft complete and circulated for review. Staff report for Council approval underway.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Draft submission to Ministry of Solicitor General and Council approval to be completed.



Port Dover Secondary Plan

seventy five per cent icon Delayed


Key Accomplishments

  • Statutory Public Meeting version and staff report Oct. 6 Public Hearing Committee. Additional stakeholder engagement held.


Next Actions/Milestones

  • Updated materials and formal Official Plan Amendment to be delivered at public meeting/Council for decision.



Pond Street Site

fifty per cent icon Delayed


Key Accomplishments

  • Expression of Interest closed. Results reviewed and confidential update provided on next steps.


Next Milestones

  • Additional technical review underway.



Downtown Simcoe Plan

zero per cent icon Delayed


Key Accomplishments

  • Reviewed past materials. Connection with University of Waterloo Masters of Planning on the project.
  • Preparing updated project plan.


Next Milestones

  • Formally launching public action on creating a revised plan.




Downtown Delhi Plan

zero per cent icon Project Pending


Key Accomplishments

  • Project identified in work plan.


Next Milestones

  • Terms of Reference to be prepared late 2022 for 2023 project launch.