The Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit is opening a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Delhi Arena, which will require the early removal of ice at the arena.

Why the Delhi Arena? 
Delhi Arena was chosen as the site for a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for a wide range of reasons: 
  • Its size ensures that up to 1,000 people can be vaccinated each day of operation (compared to 250/day at Vittoria Community Centre). Space requirements include a registration area, operational space, vaccine storage space and an area for those who are vaccinated to wait for a short period post-vaccination.
  • The facility is conducive to the cold storage needs of certain vaccines.
  • Its central location makes it accessible to the most number of residents.
  • Delhi Arena’s ice is the least used in the County, meaning its removal would impact the least number of people.

Isn’t there already a vaccination clinic in Vittoria? 
There is, however its small size allows for just 250 people to be vaccinated each day of operation. The number of people vaccinated each day will need to be much higher if the community is to achieve the goal of widespread COVID-19 vaccination this summer. Clinics at Delhi Arena are anticipated to be able to vaccinate approximately 1,000 people per day.

Can’t a different facility be used as a clinic?
Norfolk County considered all options, however Delhi Arena is the only available facility to meet all the criteria needed for the operation of a mass vaccination clinic. Community centres are too small and do not have the necessary facilities to accommodate a large clinic, and other arenas have more hours of booked ice time. 

Why did the County tell user-groups that ice would be available at Delhi Arena if there were plans to open a vaccination clinic there?
The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving, and direction from the province comes quickly. When arenas were re-opened, neither Norfolk County nor the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit anticipated that an increase in vaccine supply would happen so quickly — in fact, earlier this year, the province directed the Health Unit to pause vaccinations due to supply issues.


User-groups were informed as quickly as possible once the decision to use the Delhi Arena as a mass vaccination site was confirmed.