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The use of a face mask is required inside public areas of Norfolk County facilities, including:

  • the customer service area of the Robinson Administration Building
  • Waterford Tricenturena
  • On board Ride Norfolk buses

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Will Norfolk County provide me with a mask upon entry to a County facility or bus?


The public is encouraged to bring their own mask when visiting a County facility. A small number of masks will be available for those who need them during a short transition period.

I need to visit the Robinson Administration Building's first floor customer service area. Do I need to wear a mask?


Yes, you need to wear a mask upon entry into the building. Customer service staff working behind a physical barrier are not required to wear a mask.

I'm going to skate at Waterford Tricenturena. Do I need to wear a mask?


Yes, you need to wear a mask upon entry to the arena. Skaters may remove their masks just before leaving the dressing room, and must put them back on upon re-entry to the dressing room. They must continue to be worn until you exit the arena.

I'm planning a trip on Ride Norfolk. Do I need to wear a mask?


Yes, masks are required for anyone riding Ride Norfolk buses. Bus operators will also be required to wear a mask while inside the vehicle.