Norfolk County has closed all of its buildings and facilities to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but many services continue to be available online or by phone. Below are the answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about Norfolk County’s services during the pandemic.

For information about what is – and isn’t – allowed under the Emergency Measures and Civil Protection Act, or by provincial or other order visit the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit FAQs :COVID-19 enforcement page.

What is the contact information for the County during COVID-19?

Can I still contact Norfolk County for information and services?

  • Yes, Norfolk County will continue to operate through phone, email and online at
  • Use Any Number, Dial the Extension:
    Simcoe 519-426-5870
    Delhi 519-582-2100
    Langton 519-875-4486
    Health and Social Services
  • Email:
  • In-person services will be suspended through until further notice

Permits and Licensing

      Can I still apply for a marriage licence?

  • Marriage Licences will be issued by appointment only
  • Email or call 519-426-5870 ext. 1070 for information.

      What about business licencing?

  • Renewals and new applications will be accepted via mail or drop-off.
  • Please ensure the cheque is accompanied with the complete application. Allow 2-3 weeks processing. 
  • Email or call 519-426-5870 ext. 1357 for information

      I had booked a civil marriage ceremony. What happens now?

  • All civil marriage ceremonies scheduled are cancelled as County facilities are closed during this time. Fees paid for any civil ceremonies cancelled during the closure will be fully refunded.
  • The County will not be scheduling civil marriage ceremonies until further notice
  • Email or dial ext. 1070 for information. 

      Will I be able to obtain a burial permit?

  • Yes, special service delivery with County funeral homes has been established.
  • Email or call 519-426-5870 ext. 1070 for information.

      Can I still get documents commissioned?

  • Please call 519-426-5870 ext. 1237 for information.

      Can I still inquire about Freedom of Information and/or file a request?

    • Freedom of Information requests and payments may be dropped off at the County Administration Building drop-box located beside the Council Chambers Entrance on the Talbot Street side of the building.  For more information please contact Norfolk County’s Information and Privacy Coordinator by emailing or call 519-426-5870 ext. 1261

      Can I obtain a lottery license?


      Will By-Law Enforcement services continue?


  • Bylaw is increasing staffing to better respond to complaints related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents can report non-compliance with public health orders by calling 519-428-8019.
  • By-Law officers will be enforcing COVID-19 orders. For more information contact
  • Residents can continue to report critical requests by calling 519-426-5870 ext. 6015 or
  • For after-hours emergency assistance please contact 1-888-310-1122 (OPP)

Building permits and planning

      Can I still apply for building permits? Are inspections continuing?

  • The Building Department is closed to walk-ins until further notice.
  • Building applications can be submitted electronically to Building Permit Application Forms can be found online at
  • Permits are being received, reviewed and issued by staff in the normal course. Payments will be resolved at a later date.
  • Inspections are being conducted with certain restrictions and appropriate measures taken for social distancing. 
  • To request an inspection, please email or call 519-426-5870 Ext. 4677 (INSP)
  • For all general Building inquiries please dial 519-426-5870 Ext. 6016 or email

      Can I still apply for planning permissions? Are pre-consultations occurring?


  • Please see the Planning Department webpage for further information about all planning processes and for staff contact information. 
  • The Planning Department will be closed to walk-ins until further notice
  • Planning applications may be submitted electronically to the applicable Planner or to
  • Pre-consultations are being held virtually twice per month on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Please email to inquire about pre-consultations.
  • For all general inquiries to planning please email

Provincial Offences Court

      Is the POA court house open?


  • Yes. The Provincial Offences Office located on the ground level of the Robinson Administration Building, Suite 100, 185 Robinson Street, Simcoe is now open to the public for in-person visits weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and phone lines will be answered from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., as part of Norfolk County’s pilot customer service project. Customers are encouraged to conduct their business with the County via telephone or email or by downloading forms online. Those who must visit in person should be patient, follow posted instructions and wear a face covering.
  • All Provincial Offences Act matters scheduled from Monday, March 16, 2020 through to and including September 11, 2020 have been adjourned and rescheduled to a later date. Learn more.
  • Staff in POA Court Administration will be in the office for a limited number of hours each day to accept filing from Enforcement Agencies as per legislative timelines. A drop box is available at the main entrance to the facility for this purpose. It is also available for public filings as necessary.
  • Payments may be made online at
  • Email or dial 519-426-5870 ext. 2506 for information.

      Can businesses continue to submit bids on County procurement projects?

  • Bidders are advised that during this period of time, the bidding process will proceed as normal, including submitting questions and issuing addenda.
  • Bidders may submit questions pertaining to a specific bid call to the Purchasing Representative through the bids & tenders using the ‘Submit Question’ button.
  • Some procurement processes could take longer than usual due to the County facilities closure.
  • For general inquiries, vendors may contact Corporate Support Services at or call 519-426-5870 ext. 2549.

      I am scheduled to make a delivery at a County building. Will deliveries still be accepted?

  • Deliveries can still be made to County buildings and contact information will be posted on the door.

Fire Department

      Can I burn yard waste?

  • Before calling 911 to report a grass fire or perceived illegal open-air burn, members of the public should consider the situation and make every reasonable effort to ensure they are reporting an actual emergency.
  • Responses to yard waste fires will be subject to either a cost recovery invoice of $486 per responding fire truck per hour and could result in charges under the Ontario Fire Code that carry maximum fines of $50,000 for individuals and $500,000 for corporations.
  • We will be issuing and renewing permits over the phone and through email. Permits will only be issued from the Community Services Culver Street location.
  • For burn permits, new or renewals, please contact Trish Dedrick, at 519-426-5870 ext. 2200.
  • This Burning By-Law Quick Guide will help explain what is permitted and what is not.


      When are pools and splash pads opening?

  • Delhi Kinsmen pool will not be open in 2020.
  • The Annaleise Carr Aquatic Centre in Simcoe will be closed until at least September 8, provided the provincial government has lifted its emergency orders by that time.
  • The Delhi Kinsmen Splash Park and Simcoe Kinsmen Splash Park opened on July 18, 2020. 
  • Email or call 519-426-8866 ext. 2233 for more information.

      How do I apply for a refund for recreational programming?

     Can I still register for Summer Programs?

  • Special summer programming is available. Learn more or call 519-426-8866 ext. 2233.

      Are Recreation Centres closed and are rentals cancelled?

  • All recreation centres, seniors centres, community halls and arenas are closed and all rentals during the closure have been cancelled or re-scheduled.
  • Email or call 519-426-8866 ext. 2226 or ext. 2204 for more information.

      Will my Swim or Fitness Pass be extended?

  • All 3 month, 6 month or 12 month swim and fitness passes will be extended for the length of the closure.
  • For more information email or call 519-426-8866 ext. 2233 or ext. 2204.

      Can I still make payments on outstanding accounts?

  • Payments for facility rentals, program registrations or other bookings, can be made online by logging into your NORA Customer Account at or call 519-426-8866 ext. 2233 or ext. 2200.


      Am I permitted to visit cemeteries?

  • All cemeteries are open.

      A loved one has just passed away. How can I purchase a plot at Oakwood Cemetery?

  • Pre-need services have been suspended during the closure, however, urgent plot purchases can be arranged by dialing 519-426-5870 ext. 2214.

      Who do I contact to arrange a burial at Oakwood or other Norfolk County cemeteries?

  • For more information please dial 519-426-5870 ext. 2214.


      Will Forestry Services be impacted?

  • Forestry services will continue to operate as usual, however, staff will be limiting in-person site meetings where possible.
  • For more information contact 519-426-5870 ext. 2224.


      Can I go hunting?

  • Norfolk County bush lots are now open for public use and hunting.
  • All Long Point Region Conservation Authority non-campground properties are now open to the public. 
  • You may hunt on your own private property or property you’ve been granted permission but group size must be under 10 and you must obey the social distancing rule of 6 feet or 2 metres.
  • To find out more please contact Norfolk County directly at 519-426-5870 ext. 2200.

Ride Norfolk

      Is Ride Norfolk service impacted?

  • Ride Norfolk will continue to operate under the existing schedule. 
  • Face masks are recommended while on-board. There will be a limited supply of marks available on the bus, but riders are encouraged to bring their own.
  • Fare collection will resume Tuesday, August 4.
  • Effective Friday, July 24, maximum capacity will increase from 5 to 8.
  • For more information contact Ride Norfolk by email at or call 519-428-3178 or online at

      What are you doing to keep Ride Norfolk buses and bus shelters clean?

  • Vehicles have been stocked with face masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant spray and wipes. Passengers with a cough will be asked to wear a mask
  • Buses will be wiped down at hourly intervals throughout the day.  All main touch surfaces such as railings, handles etc will be wiped down.
  • Please practice social distancing. Cough or sneeze into your elbow while on the bus or at the bus shelter.
  • In order to support social distancing, max capacity is every other seat.  If the vehicle is at ‘capacity’ you will need to wait for the next bus.
  • We ask that all passengers only travel if they are feeling well and only for the purpose of accessing essential services 


      Are marinas open?

  • Yes, the Port Dover Harbour Marina and Port Rowan Marina are open for day ramps and the ability for boaters to come in and perform maintenance on their boats that are in winter storage. Please see the FAQ page for reopening the Port Dover Harbour Marina for additional information. 

      When are seasonal dockage payments due?

  • Payment in full for seasonal dockage is due upon receipt.
  • For more information, please contact the Marina Manager at 519-583-1581 or at 519-426-5870 ext. 2225, or by email at

Garbage and recycling

      Is curbside garbage and recycling pick up impacted?

  • Curbside garbage and recycling collection services will not be impacted at this time and will continue to operate as usual using the following precautions: 
    • Do NOT place used rubber gloves, face masks, tissues and napkins, in your recycling box. These items should be placed in your GARBAGE. Wash your hands afterward.
    • Bag all waste. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers
    • If you’re sick: place ANY item that has come into contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into the garbage – even items that you normally place into your Recycling Boxes (eg. water/beverage bottles, pop cans, milk/juice cartons, etc.)
    • All garbage must be bagged, including garbage in cans. Any garbage that isn’t bagged will not be collected.
  • Email or dial 519-426-5870 ext. 6027 for more information.

      Are transfer stations still open?

  • Transfer stations in Simcoe and South Walsingham are open.
  • For hours and locations visit the Transfer Station page.

      Will leaf and yard waste pickup be impacted?

  • Leaf and yard waste will not be impacted and will continue to operate as planned.
  • Visit the leaf and yard waste pickup page for more information


Public Works

      Will road and sidewalk maintenance continue?

  • Road and sidewalk maintenance and repairs will continue as necessary.

      Will scheduled construction projects be impacted?

  • Construction projects will not be impacted and will continue as usual.

      How do I report an issue with a streetlight?

  • All Outages of Norfolk County streetlights should be reported to 1-855-647-6589 or
  • You must provide: Street Name, Town or Village, and SL# (which appears on the yellow plate located on all of our streetlight poles).
  • Standard repairs can take up to 30 days to complete.
  • Streetlight repairs have been scaled back to emergency repairs during this time. Emergency repairs will be, but not limited to – streetlight pole down, light fixture hanging, exposed wires, 5 consecutive lights or more that are out on a single street or an entire street like a cul-de-sac that may have less than 5 lights.
  • Single light outages on a street calls will be put on hold for the time being until we can resume operations as normal again.

      Are water and wastewater services impacted?

  • Water and Wastewater services will not be impacted and will continue to operate as usual.

      What if I am unable to pay my water and wastewater bill at this time?

  • If you need make flexible payment arrangements please contact Erth Customer Service at 1-877-485-6050 or email
  • Water disconnections and collection activities have been suspended during this unprecedented time.

      Wastewater reminders

While most of us are spending more time at home than usual due to COVID-19, nobody wants a situation that would force you out of your home where you are safest.  Our municipal sewer systems are built to handle human waste and toilet paper that is specifically designed to deteriorate quickly.  Anything else put down your toilet or sink can cause problems that lead to clogs, blockages and wastewater equipment damage, which could shut down sewer systems.

The following items should never be put down the toilet or sink:

  • Disposable/Flushable wipes
  • Floss
  • Tampons and feminine pages
  • Disposable diapers
  • Bandaids
  • Grease, oil and fat
  • Medication
  • Condoms
  • Hair
  • Kitty litter
  • Cotton balls and swabs
  • Cigarette butts


      Are public events still happening at County facilities?

  • All public events scheduled at County facilities will be closed until further notice.
  • Community events taking place in County facilities will also be cancelled during this period.

     Are Council meetings still taking place?


      When are taxes due?

  • In an effort to help alleviate the financial pressures being placed on property owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, Norfolk County Council has delayed interim taxes until July 31st. Council originally delayed the 1st installment deadline to April 30, 2020 but on April 7, 2020 Council approved delaying both interim installments until July 31, 2020.  This means that the property taxes originally due on March 31 and May 29 may be paid by July 31st without penalty.
  • Pre-authorized payments will proceed as previously scheduled. Those who take part in the pre-authorized payment program should contact the County’s tax department if they’d like to opt-out of the payment plan.
  • Those who previously submitted post-dated cheques and do not want them cashed as scheduled should also contact the County’s tax department at 519-426-5870 ext. 1666.
  • Those who typically pay their property taxes as part of their mortgage payments should get in touch with their financial institution.
  • Questions and concerns can be directed to or 519-426-5870 ext.1666.

     If I cannot make the tax payment due date, will the County waive the late fee?

  • No, the tax due dates, penalty and interest are legislated; late payment fees will be automatically added to the tax account. Note: the interim tax due date has been extended to July 31, 2020.
  • There are many easy options to make tax payments despite the office closures, including through financial institutions, dropbox at the Delhi, Langton or Simcoe Administration offices for cheque payments, credit card payments, etc. See options below.

     What other options are available for tax payments while County Administration Buildings are closed?

  • At a bank or other financial institution: Property taxes are payable at most banks or trust companies (financial institutions may charge for this service).
  • Internet/telephone through financial institutions: When making the transaction, enter your 15-digit Tax Roll Number as the requested account
  • Credit card payments: are not accepted directly by Norfolk However, Property Taxes can be paid online by credit card using an online bill payment service provider such as Plastiq or Paytm. The service provider may charge service fees and there may be restrictions on the types of credit cards accepted. Norfolk County receives only the billed tax amount. Payment is processed by the County on the date we receive the funds which may be a few days after payment is made. Please refer to the service provider’s website for terms and conditions of their service, charges and payment processing times.
  • Cheques: payable to “Norfolk County” can be dropped off at the drop box at the following locations. Do not leave cash in drop boxes.

County Administration

Building (Simcoe)

50 Colborne St. South

Simcoe, ON N3Y 4H3

Phone: 519-426-5870

Fax: 519-426-8573

(Talbot Street Entrance)


Delhi Administration

Building (Delhi)

183 Main St. of Delhi

Delhi, ON N4B 2M3

Phone: 519-582-2100

Fax: 519-582-4571

Langton Administration

Building (Langton)

22 Albert St.

Langton, ON N0E 1G0

Phone: 519-875-4485

Fax: 519-875-4789


  • Cheques may also be mailed to 50 Colborne St., Simcoe ON N3Y 4H3. Write your 15-digit Tax Roll Number on each cheque. Postdated cheques are also accepted.
  • Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan: the County withdraws your tax payments automatically from your bank account on a monthly basis. There are no service charges or fees for enrolling in the plan. More information is available at https://www. Form-Rev.-1.pdf
  • Completed forms or inquiries may be emailed to

      How do I obtain a receipt or statement for my property?

      How do I obtain a tax certificate?

  • Please send your requests with applicable payment by cheque to Revenue & Tax Services located at 50 Colborne Street South, Simcoe, N3Y 4H3 or drop off in the mail slot. The current cost is $56.00. Staff can email, mail or fax completed tax certificates upon request.

      How can I make a donation to assist Norfolk County's efforts in response to COVID-19?

  • Donations are appreciated and income tax receipts will be issued at year end for donations of $20 or more in accordance with Policy FS-07. Donations by cheque made payable to the Corporation of Norfolk County should be forwarded to County administration buildings listed.
  • Click here to make payments through Paypal 

      Are drainage invoices still due by May 2020?

  • No. On April 7, 2020 Council approved to postpone the drainage construction invoices that were issued in March until later in the year.  Current invoices will be cancelled and new invoices will be issued by September.  Notices will be sent to all affected landowners. 
  • Should landowners have questions regarding their account please contact Accounts Receivable at 519-426-5870 ext. 1233.

Public Health 

Where do I take my water sample?

  • Bottles can be dropped off at

12 Gilbertson Drive.
Simcoe, Ontario