Project: Stormwater Management Facility #8 – Lynn River Heights, Port Dover — EIS-ENG-22-38 

Construction Dates: Mid-August 2022October 2022  

Location: Port Dover, ON 

This notice is to provide public notification of the pending rehabilitation of the Lynn River Heights stormwater management facility (SWMF). Norfolk County has awarded a contract to Neil Montague Construction Ltd. to undertake remediation works including dewatering, wildlife management, sediment removal, disposal including site restoration of the Lynn River Heights SWMF, located at 10 Pheasant Trail, Port Dover. 


Stormwater management facilities are designed to capture stormwater runoff from roadways and adjacent properties and improve the quality of the water before releasing it to a natural watercourse. This is achieved by capturing the water in the facility for a desired length of time, allowing sand, salt, and other pollutants (sediment) to settle to the bottom. Over time, this sediment accumulates to a point where removal is required to reinstate design functionality. Without removing sediment and contaminants built up within the facility, it can have negative impacts on downstream watercourses. 


Great care will be taken to identify wildlife, including protected species, living in and around this facility. An environmental specialist will provide direction to the contractor on the appropriate method of managing wildlife when encountered on site. 



Project Manager Norfolk County

Chris Dunn, Drainage Superintendent

[email protected]


Matrix Solutions Inc.

Adam Spargo, Senior Project Manager

(519) 427-3207

[email protected]
Contractor    Neil Montague Construction Ltd.

Eric Montague

(519) 587-4173

[email protected] 
After Hours Emergency 1-877-298-5888 
Norfolk County has declared this project an essential project.  Work is proceeding under this declaration.  The contractor will be required to provide a COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for completing this work under current recommended guidelines.  This includes social distancing both with other crew members and the public who may approach the job site.  We respectfully request that this social distancing be reciprocated by the public towards the crew members on site. 
Notifications will be delivered as required to front doors and interaction will be avoided unless circumstances dictate that verbal notification is required.  In those instances, social distancing of at least 2.0 m will be maintained. 
Lynn River Heights Stormwater Management Facility

In general, the scope of work will consist of the following:

  • Establish site access; 
  • Install sediment and erosion controls; 
  • Dewater the SWMF and setup bypass for inflows; 
  • Manage invasive species (if applicable) such as phragmites 
  • Capture, relocate and return (where feasible) fish and aquatic wildlife; 
  • Remove sediment and vegetation from the SWMF; 
  • Depending on the saturation levels of material once removed, some on-site drying may be required; 
  • Dispose of sediment at an approved off-site location; 
  • Repair inlet and outlet structures, as required; 
  • Repair rip rap and berms, as required; 
  • Restore the site to its original or better condition; and
  • Complete hydroseeding, pathway restoration, or sidewalk/curb repairs as necessary.
The project has been awarded to Neil Montague Construction Ltd.

It is expected that the successful proponent will mobilize to the sites on or around August 15, 2022, and most work should be completed by October 2022. There are two (2) stormwater facilities being cleaned out under the same contract and the start location is yet to be determined.
Transportation Impacts (Pedestrians | Cyclists)

Due to the size of the facility and restricted work area, this project will result in temporary restrictions/closure of the sidewalks and pathways adjacent to the stormwater management facility. For the safety and well-being of yourself and any pets, please stay out of the designated construction area during this project.

Driveway Access and On-Street Parking

The contractor is required to maintain access to all homes during construction.  There will be occasions when you may experience some delays, lack of service and inconvenience. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize these occurrences as well as communicate when they are to occur. Through this project, it is unlikely there will be any disruptions with respect to driveway/property access.

We do ask that you refrain from parking on the street during construction activities as this can delay things and prolong the construction period.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

All work is to be completed on Norfolk County-owned property. It is unlikely that any private sprinkler systems will be affected by this project. However, we ask that if you have underground lawn sprinkler systems, please mark the locations of sprinkler heads adjacent to the stormwater management facility, road and/or sidewalk access.

Tree & Vegetation Removals 

With every construction project comes the removal of some trees, shrubs or other vegetation for various reasons. Some are at the end of their life span, while others may be affected due to the constrained work site and the need for access by trucks and equipment. Trees deemed to present a hazard or are in conflict with the current construction activities will be removed as part of this project. Norfolk County will evaluate the potential for appropriate tree planting opportunities after construction is complete.