Contract: PW-E-20-53 Sideroad Lot 22 Bridge Replacement on Windham Road 19
Anticipated Dates:  July 2020 to December 2020

Contractor:  Finnbilt General Contracting Ltd. (519) 272-1622

Consultant:  G. Douglas Vallee Limited, Michael J. Rapai, P.Eng. (519) 410-0283

Norfolk County:  Jeff Demeulemeester, CET., Project Manager, (519) 582-2100 ext 1613

    After Hours 1-877-298-5888

COVID-19 Status

Norfolk County has declared that this project is an essential project.  Work is proceeding under this declaration. The contractor has prepared a COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for completing this work under current recommended guidelines. This includes social distancing both with other crew members and the public who may approach the job site. We respectfully request that this social distancing be reciprocated by the public towards the crew members on site.

Notifications will be delivered as required to front doors and interaction will be avoided unless circumstances dictate that verbal notification is required. In those instances, recommended guidelines with respect to COVID-19 will be followed.


Construction Area

The existing bridge, located on Windham Road 19 (Old Lasalette Road) between Windham Road 9 and Windham Road 10, will be removed and replaced.

Sideroad Lot Map Location

Construction Drawings


Resident Information

The road will be closed during construction and a traffic detour route and signage will be implemented and maintained.

The anticipated construction window is from July 2020 to December 2020. Some pre-construction and ecological mitigation work, not affecting the roadway, will be completed in May and June. During construction, the contractor is required to maintain access the properties adjacent to the site and around the detour route.

Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize any impact to affected residents, as well as communicate when they are to occur. We do ask that you refrain from parking on the road near the site during construction activities as this can delay things and prolong the construction period.


Garbage and Recycling

The contractor is required to maintain the pickup of garbage bags, garbage containers, and recycling boxes left at the road shoulders at the abutting properties within the limits of construction. This may include the picking up of bags, containers, and recycling boxes, and placing them at a location convenient for pick up by County contractor.  If this is required, empty garbage containers and recycling boxes shall be returned to the respective property owners on the same day. Please clearly mark all containers and recycling boxes with your address so that they may be returned to the correct location.  All regularly scheduled garbage and recycling pickups shall be maintained regardless of whether the contractor is working on that day.

During the construction of this project, it is our intention to minimize the impact on your everyday life. If any special needs or requirements routinely occur during a day or week, we need to be made aware of them in order that the necessary arrangements can be made, and these needs can continue to be met during construction. We request that you contact the contractor, County, or the consultant at the numbers noted above to make us aware.