Sierra Bridge Inc.
Nick Angeloni, Project Coordinator
(519) 535-3880
[email protected]

Parsons Inc.
Sonia Ahluwalia, Consultant Project Manager
[email protected]

Norfolk County
Adam Cave, Project Manager
(519) 420-8792
[email protected]

After hours emergency 1-877-298-5888


Project Construction Budget – $8,238,000

Awarded Tender Amount – $7,114,180

Anticipated Start Date – April 2021

Estimated Completion Date – June 2022

Monthly updates will be completed and posted during the project.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work being completed, please reach out to the appropriate individual listed above.


Covid-19 Status

Norfolk County has declared the Long Point Causeway Bridge Replacement Project as an essential project.  Work is proceeding under this declaration.  The contractor will be required to provide a Covid-19 Health and Safety Policy for completing this work under current recommended guidelines.  This includes social distancing both with other crew members and the public who may approach the job site.  We respectfully request that this social distancing be reciprocated by the public towards the crew members on site.

Notifications will be delivered as required to front doors and interaction will be avoided unless circumstances dictate that verbal notification is required.  In those instances, social distancing of at least 2.0m will be maintained.


Project Description

The replacement of the Long Point Causeway Bridge, along the Long Point Causeway, is scheduled to commence in April 2021.  The project start date is contingent upon receipt of all the required permits and approvals, all of which are in the final approval stages and expected to be received to facilitate this timeframe.

This work includes the phased construction of a new bridge along the Long Point Causeway at the crossing with Big Creek, including the realignment of the Causeway in the immediate area of the bridge to facilitate construction.  The bridge replacement will be implemented using a staged construction approach (two stages) to maintain vehicular traffic during construction. Active transportation users can utilize a small shoulder during lane reductions.  Some utility relocations are required.

Stage 1 (April 2021 to November 2021)


  • Realignment of the Causeway to the west to facilitate the construction of stage 1 of the bridge.
  • Construction of the west portion of the new bridge adjacent to the west side of the existing bridge.
  • Two lanes of vehicular traffic are maintained on the existing bridge.


Stage 2 (November 2021 to June 2022)


  • Demolition of the existing structure and construction of the east portion of the new bridge.
  • Vehicular traffic will be shifted to one lane of bidirectional traffic on the new bridge structure, utilizing temporary traffic signals.
  • Restoration and surface works once the bridge structure is complete.


Information for residents

Garbage and recycling collection services will remain the same.  Please have your garbage and recycling curb side by 7:00 am the day of your regular collection schedule. Municipal addresses should be labeled on all recycling boxes so that they may be returned to the correct address.

Property Inspections

Sierra Bridge Inc. has a sub-contracted OZA Inspections Ltd. to complete preconstruction surveys of the existing buildings adjacent to the project work area.  OZA Inspections Ltd. has provided a notice requesting a date and time to complete these inspections that will be circulated to the affected properties. Please contact the representative from OZA Inspections Ltd. to schedule an appointment once the notice has been provided.  This is important as this inspection protects both you and the contractor if a claim for damages is made after construction.

Driveway Access and On-Street Parking

The contractor is required to maintain access to all homes during construction.  There will be occasions when you may experience some delays, lack of service and inconvenience. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize these occurrences as well as communicate when they are to occur.

We ask that visitors to the National Wildlife Area do not park on the Causeway shoulders during construction, to facilitate access and movement of construction vehicles and to minimize congestion along the Causeway.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

We ask that if you have underground lawn sprinkler systems, that you please mark the locations of sprinkler heads adjacent the road.

Tree Removals

Trees deemed to present a hazard or are in conflict with construction activities will be removed as part of this project. Norfolk County will evaluate the potential for appropriate tree planting opportunities after construction is complete.  Any landowners interested in having a tree planted along the frontage of the County street are encouraged to contact Forestry staff at 519-426-5870 ext. 2224.


Location map

Engineering drawings



Progress Updates

June 14, 2021 – Unexpected delays are ongoing and will continue into mid-July while waiting for underground utilities to be relocated. Construction will resume upon completion of the relocations.  An acceleration plan is being prepared to get the project back on schedule.

May 19, 2021 – The road widening to facilitate Phase 1 of the bridge construction is well underway.  Unexpected delays are occurring to allow for underground utilities to be relocated and construction will resume upon completion of the relocations.  Utility relocations are expected to last a couple of weeks and construction is expected to resume in early June 2021.’

March 8, 2021 – Anticipated construction start date is April 2021.  The project start date is contingent upon receipt of all the required permits and approvals, all of which are in the final approval stages and expected to be received to facilitate this timeframe.

September, 2021-  Utility relocations have been completed.  Construction is progressing on Phase 1 of the bridge replacement with the switch to Phase 2 forecasted to take place in late December/early January. Phase 2 schedule is contingent on the severity of the winter weather impacting the ability to work through the winter.  If everything goes well, Phase 2 is scheduled to be completed in August 2022.

November 19, 2021 – Girder erection is scheduled to take place on Phase 1 of the bridge replacement in the week of November 22, 2021.  Phase 1 is progressing towards an early January 2022 transition to Phase 2.  Traffic will be controlled with traffic signals for the duration of Phase 2.  For the duration of Phase 2, traffic will be down to one passable lane across the first half of the new bridge.  Completion of the project is scheduled for August 2022.