R.F. Almas Company Ltd.
David Almas
[email protected]

Douglas Vallee Limited
Greg Smith, P. Eng.
(519) 410-0633
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Norfolk County
Adam Cave, Project Manager
(519) 420-8792
[email protected]
After hours emergency 1-877-298-5888

Project Construction Budget – $1,630,000
Awarded Tender Amount – $1,371,369
Anticipated Start Date – August 2021
Estimated Completion Date – November 2021

Monthly updates will be completed and posted during the project.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the work being completed, please reach out to the appropriate individual listed above.

COVID-19 Status

Norfolk County has declared the Port Dover Watermain Replacements project as an essential project.  Work is proceeding under this declaration.  The contractor will be required to provide a COVID-19 Health and Safety Policy for completing this work under current recommended guidelines.  This includes social distancing both with other crew members and the public who may approach the job site.  We respectfully request that this social distancing be reciprocated by the public towards the crew members on site.

Notifications will be delivered as required to front doors and interaction will be avoided unless circumstances dictate that verbal notification is required.  In those instances, social distancing of at least 2.0m will be maintained.

Project Scope

  • Replacement of watermain and services to property line
  • New asphalt road surface

Construction Schedule

The project has been awarded to R.F. Almas Company Ltd.  Construction is scheduled to start August of 2021 and continue through into November 2021.

Information for Homeowners

During the construction of this project, it is our intention to minimize the impact on your everyday life.  If any special needs or requirements routinely occur during a day or week, we need to be made aware of them in order that the necessary arrangements can be made so that these needs can continue to be met during construction.

Driveway Access

The contractor is required to maintain access to all properties during construction.  There will be occasions when you may experience some delays, lack of service and inconvenience. Every effort will be made by the contractor to minimize these occurrences as well as communicate when they are to occur.

Sanitary Sewer Servicing

There is not sanitary sewer work being completed under this project..

Watermain Servicing

The replacement of the watermain is being completed as part of the project. Your existing water service will be connected at the property line to a new service from the watermain.  The contractor and our site inspector will notify you of any interruptions to your water supply that will be required to complete this work.

Any disruption during the connection of your water service to the new permanent system should be minimal.  There may need to be interruptions of longer duration to allow for the main line connections of the new system to the existing system.  You will be notified in advance of these interruptions and provided with some indication of the anticipated duration.

Storm Sewer Servicing

There is not storm sewer work as part of this project.

Garbage and Recycling

The Contractor is required to maintain the pickup of garbage bags, garbage containers and recycling boxes left at the curbside from abutting residential or commercial properties within the limits of construction.

This may include the picking up of bags, containers and recycling boxes and placing them at a location convenient for pick up by County contractor.  If this is required, empty garbage containers and recycling boxes shall be returned to the respective property owners on the same day.

Please clearly mark all containers and recycling boxes with your address so that they may be returned to the correct location.   All regularly scheduled garbage and recycling pickups shall be maintained regardless of whether the Contractor is working on that day.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

We ask that if you have underground lawn sprinkler systems, that you please mark the locations of sprinkler heads adjacent the road and/or sidewalk.

Tree Removals

With every construction project comes the removal of some trees for various reasons. Some are at the end of their life span, while others have water services within the root areas that would be damaged by construction. Trees deemed to present a hazard or are in conflict with construction activities will be removed as part of this project. Norfolk County will evaluate the potential for appropriate tree planting opportunities after construction is complete.

Map of pw-e-21-37


Progress Updates

June 18, 2021 – Anticipated construction start date is August 2021.  This date is subject to delays based on weather conditions.

September, 2021 – Construction is commencing the week of September 13 and will progress through the fall towards completion.

November 19, 2021 – Watermain replacements on Ryerse Crescent, Swan Street, Glendon Street and Hazel Street are nearing completion.  Road excavation is commencing with asphalt paving to follow early in December 2021.  Due to time constraints and winter weather approaching, Douglas Street is being completed in the spring of 2022.