On June 28, 2006 Ontario Regulation 350/06 was filed to introduce the 2006 Building Code. The new Code is written in an objective-based format to promote innovation and flexibility in design and construction. The objective-based Code continues to contain prescriptive requirements known as “acceptable solutions” that serve as benchmarks for evaluation.

The new Code also includes over 700 technical changes. These changes include measures to increase energy efficiency, improve accessibility, and simplify the design and construction of houses.

Most of the new Building Code will come into force on December 31, 2006. However some Code changes related to energy efficiency will be phased in through 2011. A separate “transition” regulation (O. Reg. 349/06) that amends the current Building Code was also filed on June 28, 2006 and took effect immediately. O. Reg. 349/06 includes provisions that promote the use of green technologies, create more flexibility in the construction of small care homes; and update the list of applicable law.