Building Permit

  • $75.00 for the first $3000 of construction value.
  • (plus) $13 per $1000 of construction thereafter.

Plumbing Permit

  • Residential is $7 per fixture plus $50 initial fee.
  • Commercial is $13 per fixture plus $65 initial fee.

Demolition Permit

  • $75 if under 600 square metres.
  • $150 if 600 square metres or higher.
  • Agricultural building(s) are exempt.

Change of Use

  • $75, must be a permitted use listed in the current by-law.

Septic Permit

  • $500 new installation
  • $500 for replacement
  • $350 repair or partial replacement $350
  • $160 structural addition

Solar Panels

  • Flat fee for solar panel permits $500

Civic Address

  • $101

Alternate Formula For Fee’s

When application for building permit is made, and the “value of construction” does not accurately reflect the cost of construction within the industry, the following formula will be the basis for determining true construction values of residential buildings.

New Residential

  • $120.00/ sq. ft. (main floor including basement)
  • $80.00 / sq. ft. (additional floors)

Residential Additions

  • $54.00 / sq. ft.

Residential Accessory Buildings

  • $24.00 / sq. ft.

NOTE: This is NOT an increase in permit fees. The criteria for establishing the formula to determine construction value of a project is based on information received from other municipalities and the building industry. This formula is to provide equity in the calculation of permit fees.

Development Charges

For Residential and Non-Residential development charges, please review the brochure.

Development Charges 2021