Purple sign for businesses in Norfolk County - Ontario's Garden. 4km with arrow pointing to the right.
Type 1 Signage

Norfolk County’s Tourism Directional Signage Program is designed to achieve several objectives on Norfolk County municipal roads, including:

  • Elevate Norfolk County’s image as a tourist destination
  • Inform road users of Norfolk County’s tourism operations and attractions
  • Provide roadway directions to Norfolk County tourism operations
  • Increase the frequency and quantity of tourist visits
  • Present road users with consistent tourism signage information
  • Implement a customer service approach to the management and delivery of tourism signage
  • Protect the safety of road users
Type 2 Signage with Directional Information
Type 2 Signage


Norfolk County’s Tourism Directional Signage Policy outlines in detail the aspects of this program, who is eligible, and how to participate.
See Norfolk County Policy DCS-04 for more details.

Fee Schedule

Contracts have changed from a 36-month term to annual renewal for fees. For the most up-to-date pricing, please contact the Economic Development Department at 519-426-5870 or 226-NORFOLK ext.1143

Type 1A

  • Size: 240 cm x 60 cm (8’ x 2’)
  • Locations: Generally located on County roads with posted speed limits of 80 kilometres per hour, in a location approved by the Roads Department staff

Type 1B

  • Size: 240 cm x 60 cm (8’ x 2’)
  • Locations: Where Type 1A are permitted, but multiple sign request have been received

Type 2A

  • Size: 90 cm x 90 cm (3’ x 3’)
  • Location: All County roads (except within the Central Business District), in a location approved by the Roads Department staff

Type 2B

  • Size: 140 cm x 30 cm (4’ x 1’)
  • Locations: Where Type 2A are permitted, but multiple sign requests have been received

Eligible Business Types – Directional Signage

1. Antique Store
2. Banquet Hall
3. Bicycle Rental Operation
4. Boat Launch
5. Boat Rental / Charter / Cruise
6. Campground
7. Casino
8. Craft Centre
9. Cultural Centre
10. Developed Natural Site
11. Farmers Market (over 10,000 square feet)
12. Farm Based Tourist Attraction – Open to public for at least 8 consecutive weeks per year and 3
days a week during operating season, have a Farm Business Registration Number or source
products from Norfolk County, have adequate off-road parking for customers (1 parking space for
every 30 square meters of usable floor area), provide at least 1 value-added activity for tourists at
any given time such as pick-your-own crop and/or sale of local produce and foodstuffs; guided
interpretive tours, permanent interpretive panels and/or displays; wagon rides, hay rides, sleigh
rides; children’s playground and/or hands-on activities for children; straw or corn maze; petting
barn, pony or animal rides.
13. Federal Park
14. Fishing
15. Food (Restaurant) – Minimum indoor seating for 20 persons, must have public washroom,
continuous food service opening no later than 11 a.m. for no less than 12 hours per day, 6 days
per week.
16. Golf Course (open to the public)
17. Hiking Trail
18. Historic Site
19. Interpretive Centre
20. Live Theatre
21. Major Tourist Attraction
22. Marina
23. Motor Speedway
24. Mural
25. Museum
26. Outfitter
27. Picnic Area
28. Provincial Park
29. Public Art Gallery
30. Public Beach
31. Riding Operation
32. Racetrack (horse, motor, go-cart)
33. Scenic Lookout
34. Shopping and Tourist District / Rural Downtown
35. Skiing
36. Snowmobile Trail Access Point
37. Spa
38. Sports Park & Leisure Games
39. Swimming Pool
40. Tourist Information Centre
41. Trailer Court
42. Transient Accommodations
43. Water / Theme Park
44. Zoo

Contact us to Apply

Provincial Highways

If you would like to install a directional sign on a provincial highway, please see more information at Tourism signs on Ontario’s roadways. Some former provincial highways (Hwy 59, Hwy 24 south of Simcoe, Hwy 6 west of Port Dover) have been downloaded to Norfolk County, and in those cases please contact the Norfolk County. For more information, contact the Economic Development Department at (519) 426-5870 ext.1143.