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Ride Norfolk is launching a new schedule May 6, 2019!


Delhi – Church street stop removed. The stop is now along Main Street in front of the Administration building and Library.
Waterford – The stop behind the library is removed. The stop is now on Main Street at the path to the library.


Visit our GIS map for new routes!


New Stops

These schedules will include new additional stops in Delhi (Delhi Medical Centre, Delhi Friendship Centre), Waterford (Waterford Townsend Medical Centre) and Port Dover (Harbour Street), as well as service in Windham Centre and Tillsonburg.  There will be a few stop location changes in Simcoe. May 6th will also launch the Brantford bus service.


Out of Town Local schedule

Our Out of Town schedule will see the bus in Delhi 3x per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Thursdays will see a new Delhi to Port Dover route.  The new schedule includes 4x Out Of Town service routes per day compared to the current 3x. Two of these routes will offer travel in the opposite direction.


Brantford Bus

The Brantford bus will operate Monday-Friday 3x per day. The route will travel through and make stops in Waterford, Wilsonville, Oakland, and Mount Pleasant and continue on to the Brantford bus terminal.  The schedule is set to coordinate for easy transfers to the GO Bus service in Brantford. This new service will see a stop at the Waterford Library Monday-Friday along with the additional Monday local route.