Sidewalk Closure – Norfolk Street North between Second Ave and Davis Street

Disruption: Sidewalk closure – West side of Norfolk Street North (HWY 24) between Second Ave and Davis Street.

Reason: Closed due to deterioration – repairs needed.

This service will be unavailable

From: Friday, December 14, 2012

To: Indefinitely (until further notice from Norfolk County)

Alternate routes, facilities or services: East side of the sidewalk is open.

Cross Norfolk Street North (HWY 24) at the controlled intersection of Norfolk Street North and Davis Street and at the controlled intersection of Queensway (HWY 3) and Norfolk Street North (HWY 24)

 Thank you for your understanding

For more information about the service disruption, please contact:

Norfolk County, Public Works and Environmental Services Department

Bill Cridland – 519-582-2100 Ext. 1110

Shawn Vanacker – 519.426.5870