Welcome to the new home of Norfolk County!  As you can see, a lot has changed from our new site.  This page will go over some of the major changes to the site so you can have an easier time at finding the information that you need!

New Navigation

Norfolk County has revamped our navigation system.  All of our information is now categorized into 4 main sections:

New Layout

We have redesigned our website to give it a fresh appearance, but also to make our website easy to navigate.  Some improvements on our layout include:

  • An easier to use navigation menu – no longer feel the frustrations of our previous menu
  • Navigation is available every page
  • Consistent layouts so that information is formatted the same on all of our pages

Our new website uses some cutting edge features that improve with modern browsers.  If you’re using an older web browser, do yourself a favour and upgrade to any of the following:

All browsers are 100% free.

Why the Change?

The first question that might come up is – why the update?  There are a few reasons for the change.

  • Accessibility – AODA – the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – is introducing standards to make Ontario a more accessible place to live.  This extends to information access as well.  Our new site is compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level ‘AA’.
  • Improved Organization – the biggest complaint we had about our previous website was the difficulty of finding information.  We have taken some large strides in order to improve this in numerous ways
    • A reduction of information – find what you need to find quickly without having to go through outdated and irrelevant information
    • An improved search function giving you more relevant search results
    • An improved A to Z directory – our new directory is easier to use, and more automated.
    • Improved organization – information is gathering in more visitor friendly categories.
  • Ease of use – our old site contained a navigation that could be frustrating to use. Navigating through the small menu items could be quite tedious.  Our new navigation system relies on larger button which stay open until closed – no more frustration with mouseovers.


Norfolk County is dedicated to ensuring that information is easy to access, and would like to know your thoughts on our new website.  Please head to our Contact Page and let us know what you think.