Norfolk’s Public Transportation and Business Development Coordinator Blaire Sylvester


May 6 – Monday morning was one of the biggest in the nine-year history of Ride Norfolk.

After hearing dozens of requests from members of the community, at 9:15 a.m. just outside the County Administration Building on Court St. in Simcoe, a bus left with its destination set on the City of Brantford.

“I think it’s pretty huge for the community,” said Norfolk’s Public Transportation and Business Development Coordinator Blaire Sylvester. “There’s currently no other affordable way to get out of Norfolk and into Brantford so we’re excited to be able to provide that service.”

New schedules also include service to Tillsonburg, something that was routinely requested by residents in recent months.

“We conducted a survey last summer for riders and the No. 1 thing people wanted to see was transportation outside of Norfolk County – into Brantford and Tillsonburg,” Sylvester added.

The Brantford bus will operate three times per day Monday to Friday and will make stops in Waterford, Wilsonville, Oakland, and Mount Pleasant en route to the city’s downtown bus terminal. The schedule allows for easy transfers with Brantford’s GO Bus service.

Increased local service and a handful of new stops have also been added to the Ride Norfolk slate, they include the Delhi Medical Centre, Delhi Friendship Centre, Waterford Medical Centre, and Harbour St. in Port Dover as well as service in Windham Centre.

The changes will allow community members and visitors to better navigate the area.

“It’s exciting to be in this position now that we can offer extended travel to residents,” said Sylvester.

A full list of stops, printable schedules and link to purchase advanced tickets can be found at