Master Bombardier Scott Hoo of Langton and Second Lieutenant Clinton Schroeder of Port Rowan of the 56th Field Artillery Regiment RCA.


May 1 – Spring isn’t just a time for cleaning, in Norfolk County, it can also signal the start of a new career.

With that in mind, Norfolk County Tourism and Economic Development teamed up with Fanshawe College Community Career and Employment Services to hold the first-ever Multi-Sector Job Fair at the Aud in Simcoe Apr. 30.

Close to 500 job seekers were able to speak with 70 local employers – a group that included everything from restaurants to manufacturers, health and social services to administration. Even the Canadian Army Reserves were on hand.

“It’s great, we’re seeing lots of people at different stages of their careers,” said Erin Anderson, Norfolk County’s director of human resources. “Some people are just starting out and looking for work, some are retired and just trying to keep busy. It’s a great way for us to tell them what we can offer.”

Lisa Savoy, a job developer with Fanshawe College, said the idea of a multi-sector fair had been percolating for about 24 months.

“This year employers really seemed to be on board with it,” she explained. “For a long time employers wanted their own thing but this year they were on board and we said ‘we’ve got to do it’.”

“I’m really happy that they trust in what we can deliver.”


Adrienne Sims, supervisor of home support services for Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Haldimand-Norfolk.


For anyone looking to move on, move up, etc., Savoy said now is the perfect time to act.

“A lot of times we hear ‘there’s no jobs out there’ which is absolutely false,” she added. “This is a good testimony for people to know there is lots of opportunity.”

Not only was the fair designed to connect employers with potential newcomers, but it served to strengthen the relationship between Norfolk County and Fanshawe College, which has had a presence in Norfolk since 1967.

“I think that partnership is growing, it’s getting stronger and I’m really excited to be able to continue that partnership because employers look at the county and they look at us and they see us working for a common goal,” said Savoy.

Currently, there are six positions available with Norfolk County including senior planner, county solicitor, and building inspector. For more visit