Norfolk County Fair mascot Ace getting ready to use Ride Norfolk.


June 25 – Two community groups have partnered to make Norfolk’s busiest week a little easier to navigate.

Ride Norfolk and the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show (NCF) recently came together with the goal to alleviate parking stress and reduce greenhouse gas emissions during fair week with safe and reliable public transit.

“The Fair Special” will see the NCF provide 15 one-day admission passes to the 2019 Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show for each rider (max 15 per day) on the morning bus from Brantford on Oct 8-11. These will be distributed to passengers as they arrive at the Simcoe Library at 11:20 a.m. on a first come, first serve basis. Passengers must register in advance with Ride Norfolk by calling 519-428-3178. They will receive one ticket per rider and a maximum of five tickets per reservation. Reservations open July 2.

In addition, one-day Fair passes will be provided for each Ride Norfolk Multi-Pass sold at all five Norfolk County Public Library branches – passes will be available from July 2 until Sept. 30.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Ride Norfolk to bring people to the Fair,” said NCF general manager George Araujo. “It’s a critical first step in working together to reduce traffic and parking congestion and emissions while opening up options for ways for people to come and join the fun.”

The Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show has garnered numerous awards throughout its 178-year history and routinely attracts over 100,000 people from across Ontario and beyond. It’s the fourth largest agricultural fair in the province. This year’s festivities will run from Oct. 8-14.

“We are very excited to help increase access to the 2019 Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show for both visitors and our local residents while reducing emissions and area traffic,” said Blaire Sylvester, public transportation and business development coordinator with Ride Norfolk. “This partnership is a tremendous win for our community.”

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