Sophie Witham (10) and Aubrey Howe (10).

July 10 – What’s better than eating cupcakes and other delicious goodies? Doing so to help the community.

Children currently taking part in the Norfolk County Day Camp at Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum are hard at work this week preparing for a Bake Sale Fundraiser that will take place July 12 in partnership with Kerry’s Eatery.

Proceeds from the sale will go towards the Waterford Skateboard Park.

Carson Coats (6).

Back in April, Norfolk County Council pledged $200,000 to help fund the park, which will be constructed beside the museum at 159 Nichol St. in the coming years.

“The museum’s Camp Kids are super excited to help raise money for this special community project,” said James Christison, curator at the Waterford Heritage Agricultural Museum. “The smell of chocolate has engulfed the museum with its kitchen turned into a mini factory of cupcakes and cookies.”

The sale will be held between 2-4 p.m. at 159 Nicol St. in Waterford.