NORFOLK COUNTY, Ont. – February 13, 2018 – Norfolk County will host over 150 food, drink and culinary media influencers from across Canada and around the world at the Terroir Rural Retreat on April 24, 2018.

The event is presented annually by the Culinary Tourism Alliance in cooperation with the host community and Feast On certified chefs, on the day after the Terroir Symposium held at the AGO in Toronto on April 23. The Terroir Rural Retreat is a way for guests of the Symposium to connect with the people and places that make Ontario terroir worth celebrating.

Norfolk County restaurants that are Feast On certified will be front and center at the Terroir Rural Retreat, which will be held at the Burning Kiln Winery. Chefs from the Blue Elephant, The Combine, David’s and Erie Beach Hotel will join other Feast On chefs from across Ontario to create a unique experience for the media influencers. Local food and drink from Norfolk County will be featured in the dishes served, including products from Feast On certified purveyors such as VG Meats and Pristine Gourmet Oils. Norfolk County also acknowledges the support of Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corp.

“The impact of this event is huge, because these influencers have many followers who can increase awareness of Norfolk County through social media,” said Tracy Haskett of Norfolk County. “We are Ontario’s Garden and this event will put Norfolk County on the world stage,  where we deserve to be.”​

Norfolk County is Ontario’s number one grower of asparagus, cabbage, sour cherries, ginseng, squash and zucchini, strawberries, peppers, pumpkin. Farmers in Norfolk County are also leading growers of apples, cucumbers, lettuce, popping corn, potatoes, raspberries, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Norfolk County is home to several wineries and craft breweries.

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