LONG POINT, ON – MAY 16, 2018 – Effective immediately the lanes located on Highway 59 (Long Point Causeway) in the vicinity of the bridge have been narrowed and an advisory speed limit has been posted of 30 kilometres per hour.  Arrangements have been made to bring temporary signals on site to further reduce the bridge to a single lane of traffic.  It is anticipated that these temporary traffic signals will be in place and operational by the end of the day on May 17, 2018.   At this time, it is not possible to determine when both lanes of traffic will be reopened.

During a routine inspection, it was determined that there was a localized area where the wooden bridge deck has been compromised.  Engineers were immediately contacted to provide recommendations for remedial action.

Arrangements have been made to ensure there is appropriate Fire Department and EMS coverage during this lane reduction.

The bridge is restricted to personal vehicles (Class G license) as per Highway Traffic Act.

“…any motor vehicle not exceeding 11,000 kilograms gross weight and any combination of a motor vehicle not exceeding a total gross weight of 11,000 kilograms and towed vehicles where the towed vehicles do not exceed a total gross weight of 4,600 kilograms…”

This allows typical personal passenger vehicles, recreational vehicles, pickup trucks with trailers, etc., so long as the gross vehicle weight and trailer in combination does not exceed 11 tonnes.

The County will continue to provide updates as warranted by changing conditions.

At this time, we ask that people please comply with the 30 km/hour speed limit and load limits.  This will assist the County in keeping the bridge open until the necessary repair work can be completed.


For further information contact:

Lee Robinson, P.Eng.
General Manager, Public Works
519-582-2100, ext. 1100


Gary Houghton, P. Eng.
Director, Engineering, Public Works
519-582-2100, ext. 1600