Norfolk County has recently adopted a five-year energy conservation and demand management (ECDM) plan, as required by Ontario Regulation 397/11 (Green Energy Act 2009) for all Ontario public agencies. Norfolk County’s ECDM Plan has been developed to address the fiscal, societal and environmental costs and risks associated with the usage of energy. The Plan identifies ambitious objectives and specific action plans aimed to reduce the energy consumption intensity of all County facilities.

Norfolk County’s Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan for 2014-2019.

In addition, all public agencies are required to submit and publish its Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions annually starting July 1, 2013 (for consumption year 2011). 

Norfolk County’s Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 2011 for 2011.
Norfolk County’s Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 2012 for 2012.

Energy Conservation Accomplishments:

  • Creation of a Norfolk County Energy Conservation Committee (formerly Energy Conservation Project Team) in May 2003 by recommendation from the Implementation of the Master Accommodation Plan (IMAP) Committee. The current Energy Conservation Committee has 12 members representing 5 County departments, along with a member of Norfolk County Council and representatives from Norfolk General Hospital and Norfolk Power.
  • Appointment of a Municipal Energy Conservation Officer (MECO) for Norfolk County on September 9, 2008. 
  • Energy Audit of 132 County facilities was completed in September 2007.
  • Lighting Retrofit Program initiated in 2009 replaces older inefficient lighting with higher efficiency lighting solutions. To date 14 facilities have been completed, such as the: Langton Arena, Port Dover Community Center, County Administration Building, Waterford Community Center, Delhi Arena, Community Services Administration Building/ Simcoe Fire Station/Simcoe EMS Base, etc. 
  • Participation in the Power Savings Blitz Program ( through the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) at 51 County facilities,
  • Participation in EnerSmart Union Gas Program,
  • Purchasing of Energy and Environmental Management System (EEMS) Software,
  • Establishment of a Corporate Energy Awareness Program in 2013.
  • Hiring of an Energy Coordinator in 2013.
    • Replaced older inefficient lighting with higher efficiency lighting solutions funded entirely through grants from the OPA coordinated through the local utility companies.
    • Received Union Gas Incentives for the replacement of older inefficient heating and ventilation equipment with higher efficiency solutions as well as the installation of programmable thermostats. 
    • Allows the tracking of County energy consumption, which allows for meaningful comparisons and also enables future energy conservation initiatives to be measured for effectiveness.

For more information or any comments or energy saving ideas please contact us at or directly contact the Energy Coordinator or 519-582-2100 x 1401.