Each year Norfolk County participates in a comparative survey of 86 Ontario Municipalities.  This study is conducted by BMA Management Consulting Inc.  BMA Consulting has conducted a comparative survey, on behalf of participating municipalities, for the past twelve years.  

BMA Municipal Study 2012

An executive summary at the beginning of the document shows Norfolk County’s results for:

  • Population Statistics
  • Household Income
  • Municipal Net Levy per person
  • Taxes and Comparison of Relative Taxes
  • 2012 Comparison of Water and Sewer User Costs
  • 2012 Property Taxes and Water/Wastewater Costs as a percentage of Income

It is anticipated that the consolidation of the financial and economic indicators contained in the Municipal Study will achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • To help municipal decision‐makers in assessing market conditions
  • To understand the unique characteristics of each municipality
  • To understand the relationship between various controllable and uncontrollable factors in addressing a municipality’s competitive opportunities and challenges
  • To develop a database of material that can be updated in future years to assess progress and establish targets
  • To create awareness of the trends and the potential need to modify policies
  • To assist in aligning municipal decisions in property taxation with other economic development programs and initiatives
  • To assist municipalities in developing a long term strategy for property taxation to achieve municipal competitive objectives in targeted property classes
  • To create a baseline source of information that will assist municipalities in addressing specific areas of concern and to gain a better understanding of how other municipalities have addressed similar concerns
  • To understand the impact of reassessment and growth