Election Date:  Monday, October 27, 2014

Nominations will be certified following the Close of Nominations, no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 15, 2014. Any personal information contained on these lists has been consented to by the Candidate in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Follow the links below:

Mayoral Candidates:  (One to be elected by all electors of the County)

Charlie Luke
595 Hillcrest Road
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4K1

Dennis Travale
63 Berkley Cres.
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4M7
519-426-8798 (Home)
226-440-2610 (Campaign)
E-mail:  dmt@travale.com

Jim Miller
615 Nelson St. W. – Unit 6
Port Dover, ON   N0A 1N2
E-mail: jamiller@bell.net


Councillor Candidates:  (One Councillor to be elected for each of Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7; Two Councillors to be elected for Ward 5)

Ward 1 Candidates:

Betty Chanyi
1699 Lakeshore Road
Port Rowan, ON   N0E 1M0
519-586-7175 (Home)
E-mail:  bchanyi@live.ca

Dave Cronk
Box 8
11 Church Street
Port Rowan, ON  N0E 1M0
E-mail: DaveCronk@EastLInk.ca

Cindy Vanderstar
6 Erie Ave.
Port Rowan, ON  N0E 1M0
519-718-2460 (Home/Bus.)
E-mail: cashmere@amtelecom.net

Noel Haydt
139 Highway 24
Walsingham, ON   N0E 1X0
E-mail: noel.haydt@gmail.com






Ward 2 Candidates:

Joe Murphy
307 Main Street of Courtland
Courtland, ON   N0J 1E0
519-688-0949 (Home)

Roger Geysens
1473 Hwy. 3
Delhi, ON  N4B 2W6
519-582-2439 (Home)
E-mail: roger77@kwic.com



Ward 3 Candidates:

Michael J. Columbus
577 Larch St.
Delhi, ON  N4B 3A7

John Gorzo
1753 Windham Rd. #9
Windham Centre, ON   N0E 2A0
519-443-6196 (Home)
226-931-5452 (Cell)
E-mail: john@sproutsforlife.ca

Tim Sullivan
519-909-8584 (Cell)


Ward 4 Candidates:

Jim Oliver
1567 Charlotteville East 1/4 Line Rd.
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4K5
519-428-1297 (Home)
E-mail:  joliver@kwic.com

Randy Marshall
1409 Charlotteville Rd. 5
R.R.2, Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4K1 519–428-0242
E-mail:  rpbmarshall@gmail.com




Ward 5 Candidates:

Peter Black
124 Robinson Street
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 1W9
E-mail:  PeterBlack@kwic.com

Mark Haskett
67 Berkley Crescent
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4M7
519-410-9038 (Campaign Office)

Eva Dixon
13 – 175 Victoria Street
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 5L8
519-426-0456 (Home)
519-429-0550 (Cell)
E-mail: edixon@live.com

Russell Colebrook
10 St. James St.
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4K4
E-mail:  russell.colebrook@yahoo.ca

Sharon Dove
52 Nelson St.
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 3E6
E-mail: Sharondove38@yahoo.ca

Doug Brunton
P.O. Box 43
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4K8
E-mail: dougbruntonward5@gmail.com


Mike Bauslaugh
2 Glendale Crescent
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 4M2
519-426-8004 (Home)
E-mail: bauslaugh@kwic.com

Jack Bradfield
15 Evergreen Hill Road
Simcoe, ON  N3Y 1B7
E-mail: jandrewbradfield@gmail.com

Bill Culver
1543 Concession 8
Simcoe, ON  N3Y 4K5
519-426-8174 (Home/Campaign)
E-mail:  culverforcouncil@hotmail.com

Michael Badaway
E-mail: stereo.mike@live.com




Ward 6 Candidates:

Doug Long
200 Chapman Street West
P.O. Box 401
Port Dover, ON   N0A 1N0
519-583-3431 (Home)
519-583-2161 (Work)
E-mail: douglong2014@outlook.com

Trish Matthews
51 Newport Lane
Port Dover, ON   N0A 1N7
E-mail: tront@nor-del.com

John Wells Box 348
1 Regent Street
Port Dover, ON   N0A 1N0
E-mail: jwells43@kwic.com [/one_third_last]


Ward 7 Candidates:

Kim Huffman
39 Sylvia Street
Waterford, ON   N0E 1Y0
E-mail:  kim@kimhuffman.ca

Harold Sonnenberg
1795 Conc. 7 Townsend
Waterford, ON N0E 1Y0
519-410-4895 (Cell)
E-mail: sonnenberg@optionsdsl.ca






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Candidates for the Offices of School Board Members:

Grand Erie District School Board (English Public) All Wards Except 3 and 7  (Two to be elected)

Don Werden
134 Kitchen Rd.
Vittoria, ON   N0E 1W0
519-426-8372 (Home)
E-mail: werden@kwic.com

John Harris
175 Maple Street
Simcoe, ON  N3Y 2G5
E-mail: nnhead@hotmail.com

Diane Sowers
249 Metcalfe Street North
Rear Apt.
Simcoe, ON   N3Y 3Y1
289-440-7176 (cell)
E-mail:  mdsowers@outlook.com

Jim Mulheron
4 Winslow Crt.
Port Dover, ON
519-583-3530 (Home)
E-mail:  jimmulheron@rescolease.com




Grand Erie District School Board (English Public) Wards 3 and 7 Combined with Brant County (Two members – Tom Waldschmidt and Rita Collver ACCLAIMED)

Tom Waldschmidt
32 Charlotte Street
Paris, ON   N3L 1N2
E-mail:  twaldschmidt@sympatico.ca

Rita Collver
1420 Hwy. 3
Delhi, ON  N4B 2W6
E-mail: ritacollver@xplornet.com




Brant-Haldimand-Norfolk Catholic District School Board (English Separate) (Two to be elected)

Cliff Casey
474 East 1/4 Line Charlotteville
Vittoria, ON  N0E 1W0
519-426-9091 (Home)

Dennis Blake
215 Richardson Dr.
Port Dover, ON   N0A 1N4
519-583-0380 (Home/Campaign)
E-mail: dlblake@kwic.com

Carol Luciani
8 Van Parys Ave.
Delhi, ON   N4B 1Z1
519-582-1479 (Home)
E-mail: cluciani@kwic.com

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (French Public) (One Member – Pierre Lambert ACCLAIMED)

Pierre Lambert
533 Hollywood Place
Sarnia, ON  N7V 2J1
519-344-3456 (Home)




Conseil Scolaire de District Catholique Centre-Sud (French Separate) (One to be Elected)

Jean Paul Jemetio Feudjio
254 Huck Cres.,
Kitchener, ON  N2N 3M9

Dorothée Petit-Pas
87 Balmoral Dr.
Brantford, ON   N3R 5C2
E-mail: petitpas.dorothee@yahoo.ca




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