Norfolk County’s Tourism & Economic Development Division undertook the strategic planning process in 2011 to help better define the Norfolk County business community, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the local economy, create partnerships, identify new initiatives in Norfolk County’s target industries, and update the municipality’s economic goals and objectives. The implementation of this Strategy required that the entire community (Norfolk County’s Council, Municipal Administration, and local community stakeholders) take ownership of the Strategy. This means becoming engaged and responsible for developing and executing a work plan aimed at diversifying and sustaining Norfolk County’s local economy.

Priority Themes

  1. Unify the County with a strong vision and direction for future community growth and identity development.
  2. Make economic development a County priority.
  3. Nurture and grow Norfolk County’s emerging industries to strengthen and help diversify the County’s local economy.
  4. Strengthen Norfolk County’s networking capacity, increase collaboration, and grow partnerships.
  5. Provide support for Norfolk County’s traditional industries.

Monitor Report

Economic Development Strategy, 2011

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