Norfolk County strives to create the best possible environment for developers. This page contains useful information to assist with the development process.

Green Light Team

The Green Light Team. From left to right: Chris Garwood, Economic Development Coordinator; Krystina Topp, Development Technologist; Alisha Cull, Senior Planner; Scott Northcott, Building Inspector III

The Green Light Team is an initiative from the Planning and Development Division to streamline the development process for applications related to job retention or creation. Green Light Team developments may apply for various applications concurrently and will receive approvals quickly. The team includes representatives from Planning, Building, Development Engineering, and Economic Development. Each member is an expert in their respective field, and the team works closely together to facilitate the streamlined development process. The Team will guide you through the process and assist wherever possible to ensure your satisfaction.

An Eligible Green Light Team Project must:

  • Require a building permit and a planning application (a site plan or amendments to Zoning By-Law or Official Plan)
  • Create new ongoing full-time employment or retain full-time employment in Norfolk County
  • Propose a use that is agricultural, institutional, industrial, Central Business District or commercial
  • Be otherwise designated as eligible by the Green Light Team
  • Development cannot begin in contravention of Building Code Act requirements

If you are considering a development in Norfolk County that will retain or create employment opportunities, please complete the form found here to begin the accelerated process. The Green Light Team can also be contacted directly at


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